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Leadership Summit

April 3 & 4 2017 • Hotel Captain Cook • Anchorage, AK

Stable, Resilient, Adaptive: Tools to Take Us Forward

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This is the time for Alaskans, and especially nonprofit board and staff, to think big. The challenges facing us are significant. The needs in our communities are great. How do we begin? That’s our exploration at the 2017 Foraker Leadership Summit.

This summit will be marked not just by envisioning new possibilities, but also by laying out a course for turning our dreams into reality. We will explore ways of working that are anchored by skills and tools we already know and enhanced by new ones that will take us where we need to go. It will be a time to look again at what makes us resilient. This is our charge as nonprofit leaders – to balance the need for stability with the search for creativity and innovation in how we serve. When we do this we are able to take measured risks, without being reckless. We jump with strategic intention.

Join us as we look through our lenses of sustainability with new clarity – allowing us to both keep an eye on solid ground while we view fresh perspectives on what comes next.

You'll find a full program agenda here.

Guest Speakers

Our guest speakers will bring some of the best thinking available on innovative solutions to the challenges of leading today's nonprofit. You'll find more on our guest speakers here.

Jeanne Bell

CEO of CompassPoint. Jeanne is a nationally recognized expert on nonprofit finance and strategy.

Akaya Windwood

President of the Rockwood Leadership Institute. Akaya is known around the world for elevating the effectiveness of leadership and collaboration in the nonprofit sector.

Steve Patty

Founder of Dialogues in Action. Steve is noted for his skills in leadership development and impact evaluation. He joined us in 2015 for our summit and was one of the most highly rated speakers.

David Sawyer

Principal consultant at Converge for Impact, a team of strategists and designers who make complex collaborations work.

David Ehrlichman

Principal consultant at Converge for Impact, a team of strategists and designers who make complex collaborations work.

Katie Orenstein

Founder and CEO of the OpEd Project, an organization with the mission of increasing the range of voices and quality of ideas we hear in the world.

Richard Evans

Co-founder and President of EMCArts. Richard appeared at the 2015 summit and many participants asked that we bring him back. His recent work emphasizes innovation and adaptive organizational change.

Liz Medicine Crow

President/CEO of First Alaskans Institute. Liz is a leader in advancing policy solutions towards racial equity and reshaping the dialogue on race in Alaska.
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Leadership Summit 2017
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