Marketing & Communication

Donors, volunteers, and others engage with your mission when they hear your story.

Communication Consultation

Sometimes we just need a quick way to access an expert – consultation is the way to do this. If you need a sounding board to talk through a challenge or explore an idea, our door is open.

You may be considering a re-branding campaign, a donor communication plan, or promotion for a new project. Few Alaska nonprofits have a marketing expert on staff, or on the board, and you may wonder where you can get advice on how to start. We can help you analyze your marketing and communication needs and suggest ways to get the right message to the right people in the right way to bring about the results you are seeking.

To set up a consultation, use our contact form or call us at 907-743-1200.


Crisis Communication Consultation

It is possible to make a crisis worse if you are not prepared to communicate internally and externally about the issue or incident. Our team is ready to help board and staff navigate all the communication aspects of the crisis.

No organization can anticipate all the events that may threaten its reputation or hamper its ability to operate. Whether it’s an accident, an operational problem, or damaging stories in the media, being prepared for a crisis is the best guarantee of successfully managing it. Prior to a crisis, our experts can help you identify internal and external situations that could damage your nonprofit’s reputation and assist you in developing a few simple strategies that you would implement if a crisis occurs. During a crisis, we can support you in preparing materials such as media statements and methods of keeping your constituents informed.

Call us at 907-743-1200 and we can direct you, confidentially, to a crisis communication expert.

Web Development

Are you ready to have a website you can easily manage? Do you want to increase your staff and board technology capacity? Foraker’s website design is a shared service that is cost effective for every budget.

Using our own CRM, shared website design offers an affordable way to get all the latest tools and options to engage your audience in a meaningful way. You are still in the driver’s seat on writing and picking the right options for you. Our team is ready to work hand-in-hand with you to assist with graphic design and web development. Currently our services include:

  • One-on-one consultation to determine your needs and options
  • Custom website design services tailored to fit your organization’s needs and budget
  • Specialized add-on website applications based on a specific content management application, e-commerce, and custom application development.

Communication Courses

The media are an important way we communicate with the public. To be sure you are ready for your next interview, we offer these courses.

Communication Resources

Find tools and resources to improve your communication strategies.

Communication Planning Process (113.7 KB)
A communication plan provides a roadmap to ensure that resources of the organization are used efficiently and effectively in reaching its goals. This document outlines the basic elements of a strategic approach to communication.
Policy For Responding To Media Inquiries Example (123.4 KB)
Does your staff know what to do if the media calls? This guide will help you develop a policy that clarifies who will talk and how you will prepare for an interview.
Steps To Re-brand Your Organization (173.1 KB)
An organization’s brand is one of its most important assets. If you are considering a rebranding campaign, this document outlines the basics steps you need to consider.