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Feb 13, 2019
Posted Under: Government

To Alaska Nonprofit Leaders:

This morning the Governor’s office released its proposed Fiscal Year 2020 budget. All budget documents can be found on the website for the Office of Management and Budget.

I encourage you to examine the proposed budget and understand what it can mean to your mission and your organization. I also encourage you to keep three important points in mind:

  1. Please know that the work you do matters.
  2. Remember that this is a proposal. There is a long road ahead of us before a final budget is approved. The legislature is the only branch of government with the power to appropriate money, which it does through a comprehensive budget bill. When the governor receives this bill, he can veto all or portions of it (the line-item veto), or he can reduce appropriations. We recognize that the proposed budget cuts released today are comprehensive and will have an impact on a wide array of nonprofit and community services. We are in the process of identifying the scope of the cuts and how services will be affected.
  3. Remember, too, that your voice matters. Bring your voice together with others through your networks, coalitions, and other joint efforts. Single voices for single organizations may be less effective than working together. 

If we can help you come together to strengthen your voice, let us know. We look forward to talking with you as we complete a full review of the budget.

Thank you for all you do for Alaska and Alaskans.