Alaska Funders Directory

Explore new funding opportunities.

The Alaska Funders Directory is a curated list of approximately 200 foundations, corporations, and other entities that have a history of supporting Alaska nonprofits and projects.

The Alaska Funders Directory is the only site that focuses solely on funding opportunities in Alaska. The directory allows you to generate a list of funders that fit the interests of your nonprofit or project. Use the directory to save hours of research to find funders that align with your mission, geographic area, and funding needs.

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The cost for a one-year subscription is $200 or $100 for Foraker Partners. We invite you to renew your subscription each year on the date you joined.

How does it work?

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What is in the directory?

With our search tool, you can identify funders by geographic region, mission or focus area, and type of support. We have curated a profile for each funder that provides basic information with links to their website and their giving pages so you can quickly find information you need. Many of the profiles include a helpful “tip on applying” that provides practical insight on the application process and saves time during your search process. Here is an example of a funder profile:

Are other funder directory resources available?

Yes, you can find information about government grants (not included in this directory) on several sites including,, and State of Alaska Request for Proposals.In addition, the Department of the Interior – Indian Affairs has a free federal funding clearinghouse for tribal entities.

We also have partnered with the Alaska Municipal League on Alaska Federal Funding, a free clearinghouse for information and resources to help Alaska nonprofits, tribes, and municipal governments make the most of federal funding available under the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL).

If you are interested in scholarships for individuals, we recommend checking with the CIRI Foundation for a list of scholarships for Native students, and the Alaska Community Foundation for various other scholarships.

Many subscription-based websites are available that vary in price and complexity for grant seekers. The Alaska Funders Directory is the only site that focuses solely on funding opportunities in Alaska.

How can I learn more about fundraising?

Join us to learn tricks and tips for using the Alaska Funders Directory in our free class.

We also have an array of other fundraising services including consultation, facilitation, and trainings.

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