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Jul 8, 2020
Posted Under: Advocacy COVID

Congress is expected to pass another piece of COVID-19 legislation by the end of this month. It is important to reinforce with our Alaska delegation and other members of Congress that nonprofit policy solutions need to be included in each relief and recovery effort. We are essential to a healthy economy. You can make your voice heard by signing the new Nonprofit Community Letter sponsored by the National Council of Nonprofits. Foraker has signed, and we urge all Alaska nonprofits to join us and your colleagues from around the country to do the same.

The CARES Act enacted by Congress in March extended economic relief programs to some nonprofits, but the law fell short in many areas. The Nonprofit Community Letter calls for improving the Paycheck Protection Program, providing loans to mid-sized and larger nonprofits, creating a nonprofit jobs expansion program, and strengthening charitable giving incentives – among other provisions.

You can sign the letter here. But don’t delay. The deadline is this Friday, July 10. We are staying in close touch with our delegation to let them know about concerns that still exist with federal relief programs. All three – Senator Murkowski, Senator Sullivan, and Representative Young – have been responsive to these concerns, and we appreciate their support of the sector.