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Oct 6, 2021
Posted Under: Advocacy COVID

Responding to a number of inquiries from Alaska nonprofits, Foraker has been in productive discussions with leadership of the Alaska Department of Health and Human Services to reduce the financial impact from a recent cyberattack. We commend department leaders who are working to navigate fallout from the incident, which has resulted in late disbursement of grant funding to many nonprofits, some of whom have been waiting for several months to receive their funds. Understandably, this has caused financial difficulty for them.

Foraker is working with the department to identify organizations that are facing significant financial hardship and have had to or are considering actions such as tapping into dwindling reserves, accessing and/or pursuing a line of credit to cover payroll and other expenses, letting staff go, or at the most drastic are in immediate danger of closing down.

We know that many DHSS grantees are experiencing financial impacts but some are more challenged than others. For those that are facing dire circumstances like those described above, we want to hear from you as soon as possible. DHSS has committed to prioritizing response to such organizations. Please contact Vice President of Public Policy Mike Walsh at to alert us.

We will continue to work with DHSS to resolve this issue, and we thank them for responding as quickly as they can to this difficult situation.