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Nov 26, 2019
Posted Under: Training

ELI — Mentoring and community for executive directors in their first three years of leadership.

We believe successful leaders are supported leaders. With the Executive Leadership Intensive, you’ll find safe space where you can access tools and resources to help you grow into your role as executive director. During this program, you will strengthen your board relationship, explore management and planning strategies with an experienced mentor, and learn from a network of peers.

Applications are due December 6. The program starts January 22. Apply here.

Why participate in the ELI?

Community: You will meet fellow executive directors who are committed to creating a supportive environment as you all focus on organizational culture, your board relationship, and the day-to-day operations of running a successful nonprofit.

Board Support: Your relationship with the board is critical to a successful mission and your own success as an executive director. This program is designed to engage your board through your board chair.

One-on-One Mentorship: You will receive personalized mentoring from a seasoned nonprofit leader.

Online Courses: In addition to guided discussions, you will also receive unlimited access to Foraker’s 2-hour online community classes. (See what’s coming up.)

Learn more about ELI here.