Alice Galvin Catalyst Leadership Fund

Foraker is honored to offer financial support to our participants in the Catalyst for Nonprofit Excellence program through the Alice Galvin Catalyst Leadership Fund.

Alice Galvin was a catalyst herself. Her passion and commitment to supporting leaders in their chosen field was dynamic, genuine, and gracious. Foraker will be forever grateful to Alice for her belief that a leadership development program deeply rooted in the practice of emotional intelligence could elevate the level of success for nonprofit professionals. Alice, along with former BP Alaska President Steve Marshall, was the energy behind Foraker’s Catalyst program. Because of Alice, we are able to offer this innovative experience that strives to create leadership synergy through networking and support and to show the path toward a more fulfilling and engaged work life for participants – goals that are a wonderful reflection of Alice and her legacy to Alaska.

All gifts to the Alice Galvin Catalyst Leadership Fund, along with a sustaining gift from BP, will be used as scholarships to reduce the cost of tuition and provide travel support that ensures each cohort of participants is representative of nonprofit leaders across the state.

Alice passed away in December 2016. She came to Alaska in 1972 and worked as an educator in Ketchikan, Valdez, and Anchorage. She worked at BP from 2000-2012 in the human resources department. Alice served on numerous boards and commissions and was dedicated to the state and to enriching life for all Alaskans.

If you wish to contribute to the Alice Galvin Catalyst Leadership Fund, you may do so here.