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May 21, 2021
Posted Under: COVID Nonprofit News

Thanks to the advocacy of the National Council of Nonprofits and its state association members, including Foraker, recently released guidance confirms that nonprofits will have access to American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds. This includes funds coming directly from the federal government, as well as dollars flowing into state, local, and tribal governments.

To help organizations interested in applying for funds, we are pleased to announce a new website that describes ARPA and highlights points of access for nonprofits. Foraker is proud to be a partner in this effort, along with other Alaska organizations listed on the website. We especially thank the Alaska Municipal League for developing and hosting the site.

We encourage you to visit the site – share it with others – and help us update it if you have information to contribute. You can see specific programs for nonprofits here – and a link to send us your comments or questions.

For additional information, you may also view a webinar we held this week that answers many questions about ARPA that are specific to nonprofits.