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Aug 30, 2018
Posted Under: Advocacy

There has been a new development in the ongoing efforts to dismantle the Johnson Amendment. Here’s the scoop from the National Council of Nonprofits:

“The U.S. Senate approved with broad bipartisan support its version of a $154.2 billion, four-bill fiscal 2019 spending package that does not include the anti-Johnson amendment language adopted in the House-passed bill. That House provision would effectively prohibit the Internal Revenue Service from enforcing the Johnson Amendment against churches for even the most egregious violations.”

We don’t know who will be appointed to the joint House/Senate Conference Committee, which will be tasked with coming up with a compromise budget proposal, but we ask Alaska nonprofits to join us and nonprofits across the country to preserve nonprofit nonpartisanship.  We are asking Alaska nonprofit leaders to get in touch with the three members of Alaska’s congressional delegation with a short but powerful message:

“Partisanship has NO place in charitable organizations – whether churches, charities, or foundations. Please oppose all efforts in conference to add a controversial anti-Johnson Amendment rider to the Financial Services spending bill.”

Our messages from Alaska could be especially important.  While the list of congressional conference committee members has not been released, there is reason to believe one of Alaska’s Senator’s may be on the list.

Contact Senator Lisa Murkowski
Contact Senator Dan Sullivan 

Learn more about the Johnson Amendment here.