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Mar 29, 2022
Posted Under: Advocacy

As Alaska’s nonprofit state association, we connect with policy makers, businesses, and other nonprofits to highlight the positive impacts nonprofits have on our state. Positioning the sector as a credible voice is a role we take seriously.

Each year a joint committee representing Foraker’s Governance and Operations Boards analyzes issues affecting the Alaska nonprofit sector. In addition to ensuring that we are nonpartisan, Foraker’s Public Policy Committee uses four criteria (see How does Foraker decide which issues to focus on?) to analyze issues and recommend annual priorities.

We are excited to work together on reaching our 2022 advocacy objectives. We invite you to join us in advocating for the following issues that have an impact on your mission and the sector – you can learn more about each of these objectives here.

  • Position nonprofits to navigate COVID relief and recovery resources
  • Preserve nonprofit tax exemptions
  • Advance equity-based public policy
  • Promote changes to regulatory and compliance requirements that adversely impact nonprofits
  • Share the economic benefit of public/nonprofit partnerships
  • Highlight sub-sector issues that are essential to our economy
  • Advance the interests of our sector at the federal level
  • Position Alaska for success in the 2030 Census
  • Protect the charitable intent of Pick.Click.Give.

Do you need advocacy support? Do you have a sector-wide nonprofit nonpartisan issue you would like us to consider? Contact us.