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Aug 16, 2019
Posted Under: Advocacy

Earlier this week, Governor Dunleavy asked how nonprofits could contribute to solutions for state fiscal issues. In response, Foraker President/CEO Laurie Wolf released this statement:

Nonprofits provide essential services and enhance the quality of life for Alaskans. We already are helping to fill the gap between genuine need and what government provides. We contribute as the second largest employer in the state, just behind the oil and gas industry. We bring in philanthropic and federal matching funds, along with volunteer hours that leverage every state dollar for maximum return in helping Alaskans.

Our nonprofits have been on the front lines of managing the impacts created by this budget. While continuing to provide our regular services, we have been forced to imagine what Alaska will look like with no social or health safety net, no framework to support arts and culture, and decreased ability to foster civil society.

We are part of the solution, but it’s not realistic to think that nonprofits and philanthropy can meet this challenge alone. Our knowledge and our trusted voice in our communities position us to continue a long history of working collaboratively. We welcome any invitation for meaningful conversations that benefit the people of Alaska.