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May 13, 2020
Posted Under: COVID

Earlier this week, the Legislative Budget and Audit Committee of the Alaska Legislature approved Governor Dunleavy’s plan to spend federal coronavirus aid from the CARES act. Through our collective advocacy efforts with many of our partners, we were successful in ensuring that nonprofits are included in multiple funding streams and that we are seen as a key component of our state’s economy. While it is not clear yet exactly what the guidelines for distribution will be, know that we are working to ensure that the intent remains strong to include nonprofits in these programs.

The following is a partial list of the allocation (pending litigation) of $1.25 billion of Alaska CARES funding. Nonprofit leaders should watch each of these avenues as their missions dictate and apply or be ready to receive the funding when the guidelines are available.

  • $10 million to the Department of Revenue for the Homeless Assistance Program, which is administered by the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation
  • $52M to Dept. of Transportation for airports, and highways projects
  • $258 million to the Department of Commerce, Community, & Economic Development (DCCED) for community assistance
  • $290 million to DCCED for small business relief, including for nonprofits
  • $311 million to DCCED for distribution to communities for covering  direct costs
  • $100M to DCCED for fisheries relief

Other funds approved by the committee include $50 million dedicated to nonprofits at the frontline of responding to COVID-19. These grants will flow through the Department of Health and Social Services, although the actual mechanism for distribution has not yet been determined.

You can find the details here.

Please connect with your local government and share our grant guidelines with leaders to create a plan for disbursement

We will share more information when we learn more.