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Apr 29, 2021
Posted Under: COVID

Dear Alaska Nonprofit Leader:

We care deeply about you, the people and communities you serve, and the overall welfare of every Alaskan. We are all still in the midst of unprecedented times, and we know that you are doing your best to navigate with every new piece of information on COVID19 and resulting economic challenges.

We are proud to stand with you as together we navigate the path forward – from relief, to recovery, to resilience, and beyond.

Today we need your help to better understand where you stand after 2020 and what you may need in financial assistance or other relief to move ahead.  

Just as in 2020, the information in this survey will help us support you and will be provided to the Alaska funding community and policy makers so we can ensure that missions are ready to support Alaskans. Only aggregated results will be reported, your individual responses are confidential.

We appreciate the support of our partners at the Small Business Development Center and the Center for Economic Development who helped develop this survey. We also are grateful for our partnership with the Alaska Municipal League, Alaska State Chamber, and Alaska Federation of Natives as we work together to provide access to and information on COVID relief efforts for all our stakeholders. We share a common goal – ensuring all Alaskans are well cared for during this pandemic.

Please take a few moments to complete this brief survey. We ask that you coordinate with your team so that only one person replies for your organization. The deadline to respond is May 7. Thank you.

Take the survey.