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Feb 12, 2021
Posted Under: Advocacy COVID

Alaska nonprofits – use your voice today. Let policy makers in Juneau know that your work to keep Alaskans safe, along with the safety net that Alaskans depend upon during this pandemic, are in jeopardy. Like all of our partners in the for-profit and government sectors, we are asking for stability to do our essential work to help people and communities.

Remind Governor Dunleavy, your representatives, and your contacts around the state just how the current declaration is making good work happen in every corner of the Alaska.

The Legislature and the Governor must work together to extend the emergency declaration. This declaration has been misunderstood by too many as having to do with mask mandates and school closures. The fact is that this emergency declaration has meant a path to health and economic recovery for our state. A few examples of how this declaration directly impacts the work of our work includes, but is not limited to: access to federal COVID relief for nonprofits, the necessary flexibility to deliver services to people with special needs and our most vulnerable, provisions for nonprofits to offer online charitable gaming options, online meeting flexibility, grant reporting flexibility, and the availability and statewide distribution of the vaccine to nonprofit healthcare and human service professionals on the front lines.

The bottom line: This is our path to recovery of both our health and our economy. It must stay in place for as long as it takes for us to truly recover as a state. We have a long road ahead to ensure Alaska’s long-term physical, emotional, and financial health. Why make it an impossible journey?

Email and call your elected officials in Juneau today and urge them to work together for all Alaskans.