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Sep 23, 2020
Posted Under: 2020 Census

There is one week left to make sure ALL Alaskans are counted in the 2020 Census. We’re sure you’ve heard us say… there are roughly 3.2 billion reasons why the census matters to Alaska! This number represents the total federal dollars flowing into our state ($3.2B) based on census data. Nonprofits directly receive 18% of that money, and even more as indirect funding. That’s why it is critically important that we take an active role to make sure that an accurate census count takes place.

We only get one chance every 10 years to get this right, so we need you to jump in and help make it happen for Alaska.

Nonprofits play an important role in outreach. Community-based organizations like yours make a big difference in encouraging participation from hard-to-count individuals all over the state. Historically “hard-to-count” individuals include: people of color (especially Alaska Native/American Indian peoples), seniors,  children under five years of age, people experiencing homelessness, rural and remote rural residents, non-English speakers, renters, recent immigrants, and people living in crowded or multi-family households.

How can my organization help?

Do you serve “hard-to-count” community members? You can play a role in encouraging people to be counted through education and personal outreach. Check out the Alaska Counts website for fact sheets, social media graphics, testimonials, and more. Spread the word!