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Last year we shared with you attempts in Washington D.C. to repeal the Johnson Amendment. This is the provision of the federal tax code that protects charitable, religious, and philanthropic organizations from getting involved in candidate endorsements. The National Council of Nonprofits had led the charge to save this important provision, and we’re proud that Alaska nonprofits … [ Read More ]

The House and Senate have passed separate versions of tax reform (see a comparison chart here). The difference between the bills must be negotiated in what’s called a conference committee made up of a dozen or more Representatives and Senators. We write asking for your help in convincing Senator Murkowski and Representative Young, as members … [ Read More ]

The Senate passed its version of the tax bill ‪on December 2. For those of you tracking the bill closely, here is how the issues that directly impact nonprofits stand in the House and Senate versions. There is more work ahead of us all. Thanks to the National Council of Nonprofits for their close analysis. … [ Read More ]

Alaska nonprofit staff, board, volunteers and donors: As tax legislation moves through the U.S. Senate this week, some of the basic structures under which the nonprofit sector operates are facing significant changes. For 100 years, through the U.S. tax code and its charitable giving incentive, Americans have been encouraged to donate to the causes that matter to them. … [ Read More ]

The Senate is now looking at its version of tax reform legislation and Senator Murkowski and Senator Sullivan need to hear from you TODAY, before debate begins on the Senate floor. The most effective way of advocating on a fast-moving bill is to pick up the phone. So, if you have time to do only … [ Read More ]

On November 9, House Republicans unveiled their Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (H.R.1). Our colleagues at the Montana Nonprofit Association prepared an excellent analysis on the impact of the legislation on nonprofits. With thanks to MNA, we share their thoughts here. The 429-page bill carries many implications for nonprofits and private foundations. MNA is concerned about two provisions … [ Read More ]

Tax reform is taking center stage in Washington. The administration and House of Representatives have released their Unified Framework for Fixing Our Broken Tax Code, which proposes maintaining tax deductions for charitable donations. On the surface this is good news, but a closer look by the National Council of Nonprofits and the international Association of … [ Read More ]

Tomorrow we mark the 97th anniversary of the 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote. While we have seen much progress in rights for women, we know work still needs to be done. At Foraker, we are committed to this work with many others like the YWCA – especially in the area of … [ Read More ]

Last night was one of many tense nights in the ongoing debate about healthcare in our country. There is a lot at stake for getting it right, and no easy solution for Alaskans. One sliver of hope was the impact that many individuals and organizations in our state had when they raised their voices to … [ Read More ]

Take Action: Sign the National Council letter to protect the Johnson Amendment Over the past several months we’ve shared information with you about the impact of an administration move to repeal the Johnson Amendment. This provision in the tax code, named after President Lyndon Johnson, is intended to keep politics and the money that flows … [ Read More ]