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Mar 19, 2019
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Sultana, Foraker’s fiscal sponsorship, is now accepting applications for fiscally-sponsored organizations! If you are interested in learning more or receiving an application, please contact Chellie Skoog, Vice President of Programs at

Sultana exists to support groups and projects in the preliminary stages of their development, offering opportunities to incubate ideas, employ staff, and provide the stability that funders need to make initial investments.

Understanding that not every new idea needs a new nonprofit and that not every nonprofit is ready to stand on its own, Sultana is a “safe place” for projects to germinate until they understand what long-term form, if any, they should take.

What does a Sultana fiscal sponsorship entail?

  • Projects that partner with Sultana receive the fundamentals of a fiscal sponsorship relationship, including financial, grant management, and compliance oversight.
  • Sultana groups will pay an administrative fee (on average between 9% and 15%) depending on the level of services and incubation support requested.
  • Sultana uniquely offers levels of incubation for partners based on their needs and their budget. The levels have specialty areas that include shared employment, leadership development, and organizational development with the option of adding services (such as marketing, HR and educational classes) for an extra fee.
  • FAQs ( will help answer some of the most commonly asked questions about a Sultana fiscal sponsorship.

Please contact Chellie Skoog, Vice President of Programs, at, for more information. After an introductory conversation, all eligible projects will be directed to Sultana’s application process.