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Dec 27, 2018
Posted Under: Foraker News

The 2018 Salary & Benefits Report: Benchmarking Nonprofit Compensation in Alaska

As nonprofit leaders, it’s essential that we have tools to make informed decisions. One of those tools is our Salary and Benefits Report – which gives us context and a comparative benchmark for compensation in Alaska’s nonprofit sector. Recruiting and retaining a talented workforce is a critical part of the Foraker Nonprofit Sustainability Model, and we are confident this report will help you with that important part of your work.

With the participation of the nonprofits who provided their data, along with the generous support of Mutual of America who sponsored this report, we are pleased to provide the only holistic look at compensation specific to Alaska’s nonprofits.

How can I use this report?

The report includes information from a large number of organizations regarding nonprofit pay and benefits. The information can help you:

  • Set salaries for new hires
  • Review salary ranges
  • Review and/or create an organizational salary structure
  • Compare salaries with market data for competitiveness and/or positioning
  • Provide documentation for organizations with senior level staff at higher compensation levels to satisfy in whole or part required salary justification under IRS Code Section 4958
  • Review individual and collective benefit offerings against peer organizations
  • Review most prevalent practices in each benefit area
  • Review and/or create a total compensation structure
  • Determine the organization’s compensation philosophy and strategy to be below, at, or above market value

What’s in the report?

The 2018 Salary & Benefits Report features:

  • Salary data for 46 positions including executive director, finance director, development director, administrative support, accountants, clinical support, and program staff (for a full list of positions, contact us)
  • Regional breakdown of data from Southcentral, Interior, and Southeast
  • Data from organizations with budgets ranging from less than $100,000 to over $10 million
  • Data from 22 types of nonprofits, including youth development, educational institutions, medical disciplines, arts, culture, and humanities groups
  • Benefit data on medical, dental, vision, holidays and leave, retirement plans, life insurance, and more.
  • Data on gender pay gap challenges and opportunities 

How much does it cost?

The executive summary is provided free of charge. Full survey results are available at these rates:

  • Foraker Partners that participated in the survey — $200 (call us to purchase)
  • Foraker Partners that did not participate in the survey — $275 (purchase the report here)
  • Other nonprofit organizations that participated in the survey — $250 (call us to purchase)
  • Other nonprofit organizations that did not participate in the survey — $375 (purchase the report here)

New this year: For $75 our human resources team will provide compensation data for up to three positions. Please contact us for more information.