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Sep 12, 2022
Posted Under: Management

Are you new to your job or still feeling like everything is changing so much it feels new all the time?  Are you feeling more alone in your decision-making right now?  Do you see the possibilities for change but need a thought partner to explore ideas in a safe space?  These are just some of the reasons nonprofit leaders are seeking our mentoring and coaching services.  Want to join them?  We are ready with a pool of highly qualified and seasoned professionals who can help you to:

  • Increase your confidence on the job
  • Develop and/or refine new leadership skills
  • Find greater job satisfaction
  • Improve your ability to achieve goals
  • Learn about useful resources to help you lead
  • Increase your certainty in decision making
  • Discover new techniques for managing the many aspects of your job

Our coaches and mentors are available through distance delivery – allowing for flexibility, statewide accessibility, and affordability. Length of support is based on your needs and goals.

Contact us to request a mentor.