Standing Beside Alaska's Non-Profits

Partner Application

The Foraker Group's model is based on partnership. We form a relationship with your organization that empowers you to get the skills you need for your organization to thrive.

One of the ways we keep our rates below market is by asking organizations to make a small financial commitment by becoming a Partner. Please check our rates for partnership fees and rates for our expert agency services, board training and educational opportunities.

As a Foraker Group Partner, an organization receives the following benefits:

  • Dramatically reduced rates for high quality, professional service
  • Yearly opportunity to complete a Foraker organizational assessment
  • Top priority for services from Foraker staff and consultants
  • Complimentary attendance of up to four staff/volunteers at one ConocoPhillips/United Way Leadership Series workshop per year
  • Reduced rates on all of Foraker's publications including: salary and benefit surveys, Alaska Funding Guide and Strategic Grantsmanship workbook
To become a Partner first select your account type:
The Foraker Group application for new partners.
  A primary account is needed if your company or organization is not currently a member. This is a four step process and takes a few minutes. In order for us to process your application, you must complete all four steps. Before you begin please make sure you have the following information:
  1. the contact information for the person who will be the primary contact
  2. your company / organizations contact information (website, telephone, address etc.)
  3. a description of your company / organization; your primary activity; services you are interested in
  4. the names and email addresses of additional staff / board members who would like access under your account name (these can be added later)
  5. a valid credit card (if you would like to pay online)
Application for additional users for your existing The Foraker Group account.
  If your company / organization is already a member then you can create a user account. By creating a member account you will be able to access the member area of this web site and quickly register for calendar events without having to reinsert data. To create a user account you must have:
  1. the coupon code that was entered when your company / organization created their primary account. If you do not have this coupon code, please contact us.