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Jun 23, 2022
Posted Under: Management

Our biennial survey of nonprofit salaries and benefits is now open. We encourage all Alaska nonprofits to participate. Why?

  • Workforce Development: People power our missions and deserve fair compensation. To attract and retain talent, nonprofits must set competitive wages and benefits.
  • COVID-19: Nonprofits are a vital part of Alaska’s economy and quality of life. Understanding how nonprofit employment is changing is an essential step in planning for what comes next. This year, the survey will ask a few questions about the impacts of the pandemic on nonprofit staffing, wages, and benefits.
  • Pay Equity: We are collecting data on the gender of workers in all 48 positions listed in the survey to inform essential conversations about gender pay equity. This information will build on our recently released report about the gender pay gap in Alaska nonprofits.
  • Diversity: Also, for the first time, we are collecting data on race. Our intent is to begin our understanding of the practices Alaska organizations have in place to encourage and support a diverse workforce.

The report is only as good as the level of participation – the more participation, the more statistically significant and reliable data we’ll be able to gather to help advance conversations about competitive and equitable compensation practices.

You’ll find the survey here.

The deadline to participate is July 31, 2022.