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Sep 14, 2018
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Create a more fulfilling and engaged work life.

Do you want to discover your unique strengths as a leader and how to apply them more fully for better results? Do you understand how your sense of purpose drives your work or connects to mission? We invite you to apply to the Catalyst in Nonprofit Excellence program.

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What is Catalyst?

Catalyst is a results-oriented personal and professional development program designed to help you discover your intrinsic ability to create excellence and grow your network of support. With a cohort of peers, you will explore tools that will elevate your leadership.

The series is broken into five sessions that build on each other. Each step is separated by some time to allow you to integrate and apply your learning and prepare for the next step.

Session 1: The Pursuit of Excellence for Leaders – Assessing My Personal Context and Laying the Foundation For More Effective Leadership – What must I know about myself to become a more effective leader?

Session 2: The Wall for Leaders – Clarifying What Drives Me and Confronting Barriers to Effective Leadership – What’s in my way to stepping up fully in life and leadership?

Session 3: The Advancement of Excellence for Leaders – Empowered Ownership, Implementation and Results – How will I move my organization forward to maximize our contribution to our community and the world?

Session 4: Commencement – Celebrate your wins and the wins of your fellow cohort members

Session 5 (6 months after Commencement): The Launch – Implementation, Reflection and Support – How can I reinforce my support network to continue to see positive results?

The program will start on February 6. Applications are due December 7.

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