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Jan 3, 2020
Posted Under: Fundraising

Foraker is offering a Fund Development Planning cohort in Fairbanks in March and April 2020. This is a cost-effective way for your organization to put a fund development plan into place with a group of peers and experts on hand.

Over a two-month period, you will:

  • Craft a gift chart that is real for your organization
  • Learn how to launch or strengthen your board’s fund development committee
  • Develop your organization’s philosophy of philanthropy
  • Write fund development goals and objectives that are realistic for the next 1-3 years
  • Practice donor recognition
  • Acquire tactical tools to implement your plan in the immediate future
  • Share your experience alongside a network of peers

Applications are due January 7, 2020. The cohort launches on March 2. See the full schedule here.

Why join the Fund Development Planning cohort?

Accountability: Fund development planning is a critical piece of every nonprofit’s long-term success, yet many nonprofit leaders find it difficult to prioritize this process. This cohort is for executive directors and up to two other team members, one of whom should be a board member. The experience will provide you (and your team) with the framework to complete different parts of your plan during and between each class.

Tools: Over the course of this program, you will receive many examples of tools that you can use for writing, implementing and presenting your fund development plan.

Community: You will meet fellow executive directors, board leaders, and fund development staff who are committed to creating a supportive environment as you all focus on writing your fund development plan and learn how to foster a culture of philanthropy to make your nonprofits more successful.

Results: By the end of the class, your organization will have a customized fund development plan to guide you for 2-3 years, as well as a short-term tactical plan to set it in motion.

Apply today!

Questions? Please contact Emily Groves or Amalie Couvillion at