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Apr 11, 2023
Posted Under: Foraker News

Foraker will raise rates starting July 1. The increases were carefully considered by the finance committee and approved by the Governance Board. Even with these rate increases, Foraker services are still available below Alaska’s market rates.

To ensure that Foraker Partners fully understand the cost of our services, we continue to publish our complete rate structure on our website. The increase on July 1 will impact all our services including consulting, education programs, and cohort offerings. Financial Shared Services, Leadership Transition, and now From Bias to Belonging engagements will be billed as a scope of work and will also reflect the rate increases.

The rates for joining as a Foraker Partner will not increase. (Partnership rates are assessed on a sliding scale based on annual budget size).

As always, we will find ways to help organizations access the information they need through our services and will discuss payment options if that is a barrier. We encourage organizations to call us to discuss their options.

You can find the new rates here.